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July 26, 2010


Finger in Butt Crack Sparks Knife Fight

(Thanks to Josh)


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According to a police report, the unnamed suspect rubbed a finger along the victim's butt crack, prompting her to clench her buttocks. The victim claimed the clenching caused the bed she was sitting on to break, angering the suspect.

Inquiring minds want to know: How.Big.Was.She?

Was the photo really necessary? *shudder*

Two-Ton-Titanic-Tubbs don't like to be touched. 'Specially there. That clench could have broken a finger.

She broke a bed by clenching her butt cheeks? Any guy not scared off by that deserves to lose his big unit.

Now, is that THE buttcrack in question, or is that just a representative buttcrack?

I'm all for personal boundaries but the butcher knife might have been a little strong.

No pics of the butt in question? Thank you.

Photo Courtesy 'Davitydave'...

Could that be a Dave Bare-y a$$?
(maybe Sophie grabbed the crapcam while daddy was inspecting a pile of 'Night Shift').

What, what in the butt...

And on the photo it has a "click to enlarge" button. How about a "click to erase memory" button instead?

How come my posts aren't posting?

(Of course, now this one will).

That's an ordinary day in the state of Texas.


Did they HAVE to show that butt crack????????

Wanted to, Siouxie, wanted to.

"Finger in butt crack" probably violates at least one Texas state law right there, even leaving out the butcher knife part...

Well, "he needed killin'" is a defense to a murder charge down here.

bonmot is that your picture?

The butt in question got away. Luckily, FOX had a political commentator available to pose for the photo.

I'd never make an ass of myself that way.

(I have plenty of other ways to do that.)

Shame on those Texans. Where the hell were their guns?!! You're not a real Texan unless you're carrying a gun.

"That is not my butt crack."

"I know. That is not my finger."

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