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July 26, 2010


Lightning, slowed down.

(Via Gizmodo)


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I can't see the video. I think you broke the site.

Extremely cool.

It really does look like blood vessels.

Gah! Let me hit REPLAY -- I blinked.


and to think of all the times we've dodged that in the handbasket

*casts reverent eye skyward*

God's Etch-A-Sketch.

Runs to hide under bed....

Wow. One spot got zapped over and over again. Guess we know where the handbasket was.

It's alive! ALIVE, I tell you! BWAH-HAH-hah-hah-HAHHH!

Reminds me of when I stuck a paper clip in the light socket at age 4.

If you can't see the video in that link, look at the Comments below it. There's a link to the original YouTube video. And if you go there, you'll see some other suggested lightning videos on the side, with an Ozzie Osbourne video in the middle of the list for some reason.

Ozzie slowed down? How much time do you think we have?

Amazing how fast it goes even when slowed down.

Awesome video. Especially since, at this moment, I'm getting the real stuff in person outside! Our daily afternoon severe thunderstorm. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to go climb under the bed with my lab who is scared to death of thunder and lightening.

That's just Gods' way of sating "Badaboom, badabing!"

nursecindy, I miss those t-storms. Trade ya a quake for some.

^saying(/b)....(Freudian slip...I must've been thinking of Satan)

Uh oh.....did I bold the blog???

(phew! - don't mess w/ Satan)

Thunder and Lightening is cool. During a storm that happens in the middle of the night I sleep the best and may not even hear it or wake up at all.

Why do they always just show white lightning? There's colored, too, you know. Buncha racist stormchasers.

Annie, I've lived in earthquake country before. No thanks. They really scare me.

It's OK Annie. We ARE The Bold & The Beautiful.

rut roh


As we used to say in the late sixties (for some reason -- can't remember what) "Flassshhhing, man!"

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Tom A. Warner."

Some guy copyrighted lightning?

This has been removed.
Go to:


to see it.

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