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July 30, 2010


Tokyo's 'oldest man' had been dead for 30 years

(Thanks to JP)


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He's not dead, he's just resting.

Actually, that's pretty much what his relatives have been telling people for the past 30 years.

Buddha huh?

He's just pining for the fjords.

My sympathies on the loss of your dear relative.

I got a slug.

If he was a registered voter in Chicago, this wouldn't be a problem.

He is still, of course, legally registered in Florida, birthday spanks Lairbo.

He still looks better than Keith Richards.


So...that's what Kato's been up to lately.

孔夫子 Confucious say: man with bony complexion, probably dead.

Reekend at Kato's

I had a date with him just last week. No wonder he seemed like such a good listener.

You, too, Siouxie? Why, that double-crossing little...I'm gonna KILL him!

Happy Birthday Lairbo!

Happy birthday, Lairbo!

...Lairbo? Lairbo, wake up!

Uh-oh....dibs on his social security check!

nice to know the japanese are as larcenous as we are.
happy birthday lairbo! ahh, us july babies!
the japanese guy, not so much.
he's singing in the choir invisible.

"larcenous" - good word. Queensbee must be an anti-teetotaller.

Lairbosan, does this guy merit a haiku?

haaa! not anti teetootler, but a non-drinker. these days. my drug of choice is now coffee. did all my vocabulary-building, er, back in the daaay. now, i'm just a writer.

Japanese dead man
Bedridden for many years
Can't come out to play

Very good, Suzy Q-san.

It'll take you years to forge my signature, Annie.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes; I wandered out to get the mail and was distracted by something shiny (the sun) and stayed outside.

I wonder if they'll posthumously award all the people who were older than this guy but died before this revelation?

Tokyo's oldest
Died long ago, but spirit
Lived on; does that count?

Happy Birthday, Lairbo!

Also: No.

*points flamethrower at Nike spammer*

*cancels Gandalf's fireworks show for Kato's eleventy-first birthday*

Not many people want to be number one at something bad enough to stick with it even after they're dead, but this guy was in it for the long haul. That's a guy for you.

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