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July 22, 2010


Things are out of control.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


(Thanks to The Perts)


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Careless Beaver #1: Hey, that bear overheard us talking about flooding the highway. I think he's gonna squeal.

Careless Beaver #2: I'll handle that. Get me that pickle jar.

For those of us who don't speak "English", 10 cm of water is about 4 inches. That's certainly enough to wash away my grandson's Cars movie cars.
I do agree that careless beavers are reason for concern.

How do you handle beavers who can't hold their water?


Unclench, Canada. Wait a week - it'll freeze over and you can go curling.

Thanks Annie, you have solved a great mystery for me. So you "go curling" as opposed to "I am off to toss a curl or two" or "gonna do me some curling, eh". Now I can sleep at night. (I guess some credit for my relief is due the careless beaver that was the cause of this conversation)

And, Annie, and a big *snork* as well.

Careless Beavers? Bears with their heads in pickle jars? What the heck is going on up there, eh?

Must be the poutine.

Being a proud Canadian, I concur that our national symbol..the beaver...can be a royal pain in the a$$.

By satellite, the boffins at NASA have actually discovered a beaver dam in westeren Canada that is nearly two miles long.

When I was at my previous house, I awakened each morning to discover that the local beavers had taken out yet another tree. Drove me crazy....these trees were about 40 feet high.

However. for some reason these over-sized rodents are protected in Canada...so I didn't shoot them.

And in yet another update, enraged beavers have been credited with killing two pet dogs in Ontario.

Rampaging beavers...who knew???

Didn't WHAM sing the song 'Careless Beavers' back in the 80's?

No, but Careless Beaver opened up for Primus.

Time can never mend
A careless beaver of a big dam
To the heart and mind
Ignorance is kind
There's no comfort in the truth
Pain is allllll you find.

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