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July 28, 2010


The food printer.

(Thanks to Michael)


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or bimbos?

If you use an ink jet printer you get calamari.

I'd like a seven layer Mexican dip and fax that to me on tortilla chips, please.

Yeah, but it tastes like cardboard.

Food?? Just mix me a coupla Cosmos.

"The food printer is at the concept design stage..."

Well that's the hard part. It should be easy to get to the actual, working product.

I designed rocket shoes once and was really close to selling them to Gizmodo.

I can't get past the term "extruded" used in connection with food.

Some of my favorite foods are extruded. Twinkies, Combos, sausage . . .

I'm waiting for the delux version.

I believe "extrude" comes a couple of hours AFTER eating.

*snork* at Steve

Sounds like an efficient way of producing soylent green.

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