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July 26, 2010


We report; you decide.

(Suggested by Gregg Geil, and by the s.b., who always reads this one first to the uninitiated, especially if they are middle-schoolers)


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1986? Renewing copyrights on your old articles, Dave?

Maybe you should write a book!

we've been reposting old columns for a few months now, bonmot; where have you been?

*nyuk nyuk*

You do look like Mr. Peepers, Dave!


Typical guy thing, judi. bon not noticing anything new er..old.

At first I thought it was a picture of John Dillinger.

I've noticed the dates; this is the first one from the last century, though, I think.

I love it when judi's 'F me' gene kicks in :)

bonmot's been chasing ambulances, Judi. Occasionally one stops suddenly and he smacks his head against the rear end of it. This is one of my favorite DB articles. I was (surprise!) one of the 'kissing girls' that Dave mentions. For what it's worth I'm sure I would have chased Dave.

a href="http://www.sitcomsonline.com/photopost/data/1283/14549coxsmirnoff.jpg">Mr Peepers, professional vodka taster.

Beauty is as beauty does, Dave.

picture link

Hey! I have that picture on a t-shirt!

Sometimes I wear it in public.

Nursecindy, I smoked a pork butt for six hours this weekend, for pulled pork, Carolina style. Complete with homemade vinegar sauce.

Note the absence of the word "barbecue". It's still good though.

(I didn't have enough mouths to feed to do a BEEF brisket, which is what barbeque is all about.)

And I don't chase ambulances.

Yikes. I was the female version of that. My brothers got dad's clippers upside the head. My mom took me to a passive-aggressive troll salon to get a "pixie" cut. Puberty finally hit a week before menopause.

Although I have 9 children, there is a noticeable absence of body hair on my chest and limbs. I suppose you only have so many hormones and what you use them for is up to you.

Keep looking for that new hairstylist, Dave! It's only been 25 years! Don't give up now!

I expect you'll find your new stylist the same day O.J. finds the real killer.

I would laugh except my mom used to fix my hair for school photos with a very passive agressive hand. She made very good use of my giant ears.

In the interest of getting along, bonmot, this pains me to admit this butt............. I prefer beef bbq. However, the last time I admitted this in front of my Georgia born and bred father he called me a communist. As for chasing ambulances, I was a Paramedic for several years and my partner, who was a part time volunteer, was a lawyer. We told him he was too lazy to chase the ambulances so he just rode in them. Are you in criminal law? That's what I would do and I think I would be pretty good. I watch a lot of lawyer type shows. I know they're very realistic in that the criminal always stands up and admits they're guilty.

I do civil litigation. That's how I met my current wife. She was opposing counsel.

It was VERY civil litigation.

I wanted to be a prosecuting attorney once until I worked in the clinic at the prison and realized that some of the defendants get very mad at them and think of terrible things to do to pay them back.

Isn't Cape Fear in NC?

(Great movie.)

I will have to check out that book. I need to write a book I have an awesome story to write!

Dave's current hairpiece is quite convincing.

My daughter today said that I should try to get a job as a Dave Barry impersonator. She said that there may not be any demand, but that I've got the look down and a very similar sense of humor.

I was flattered, I think.

Ooh, that brought back some not-so-great memories. My hair was very curly at a time when the surfer look - long, straight and preferably blond hair was in style. Being short at a time when the gals were turning into 50-foot women and having to wear Barry-style hornrims didn't help either. I adopted humor as a coping mechanism like Dave did, and had exactly as much success with girls. It got better later, but those aren't my favorite memories. In fact, the time I nearly drowned at age five is a better one.

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