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July 26, 2010


My brother Sam Barry and his lovely wife Kathi Goldmark will be talking about their excellent book Write That Book Already at 7:30 tonight at the Lincoln Center Barnes and Noble in New York City. If you've thought about writing a book -- And who has not? -- Sam and Kathi can give you much practical, real-world information.

If you go, please tell them hi for me, and remind Sam that although he is more talented, I am better-looking.


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Too bad you won't be there, Dave. Their much practical real-world information could come in handy if you ever decide to write a book.

There's an ad on this page that promises to expose the Shocking Truth about Acai Berry. Is this yet another family member, Dave?

I have it
I read it
I really like it...its a delightful book
Now its
time to write my book

Nursecindy, what do you think of this book?

Dave, I won't get into the "who is the better looking brother" debate, but after talking to Sam (and Kathi) at the last RBRs concert I will say he's every bit as warm and friendly and charming as a Barry brother could ever be.

I need that book. Ordering it now.

Go, Steve!
I look forward to your '24: An Amazing Retrospective'!

NotSherly, I do have this book and I love it. Dave gives some advice in it on how to look good for a TV interview. He says that if the TV station doesn't have someone to do your makeup to go to a department store, buy a lipstick, and then ask for a makeover. Then your makeup will be perfect. He doesn't mention what shade of lipstick he prefers though.

I bought the book but returned it. During the purchase, I completely overlooked the photo of Marion Barry on the back cover.

Contributions from most of the RBRs and the foward by Maya Angelou? Now I'm impressed.

Um, forward.

But Lazyee, that's how the hoiti toiti pronounce it.

Hey, I sent this in! *pouts*

Ok, not really, but it's a Monday and hence, poutable.

Yay, Sam & Kathi!
*wings plastic kazoo past Siouxie's wavy do*

Is there an eCopy available? Then I can send my Nook to him to sign it.

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