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July 31, 2010


There has been a recall.

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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Uh oh - I just ate my last one.

Guess I have to put off the mouse mousse for tonight. Bag o' frozen mice sounds like a Costco product.

Why would anyone want a snake as a pet? They're not cute or cuddly and they're terrible at playing fetch.

This is why I always catch my own mice. You have to know where they were raised.

Recalled mice? Do their accelerators stick too?

Maybe they should switch to snakes

Sorry. I meant to say switch to squirrels

What will they serve @ Chelsea's wedding?!

Why would anyone waste a perfectly good mouse by feeding it to a snake?

Snakes come a runin' for the great taste of frozen mouse.

get it on a stick............

I always bought reptile food from Rodentpro, but I also wash my hands after handling animals (live or dead) and also chicken, which is much more likely to carry salmonella than mice.

If you feed your rodents puppies, kittens, and small children, you probably don't have to worry about Salmonella.

They can take my frozen mice from my cold, dead hands...

Why are they always from Georgia? *Hanging my head* Not everyone from Georgia sells mice or perpetrates Big Foot hoaxes.

I could never feel right feeding a fellow mammal to a cold blooded reptile.

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