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July 28, 2010


A West Seneca man who fell asleep in his recliner with his gun in his lap late Monday night accidentally shot himself in the hand and leg, according to West Seneca police.

(Thanks to Micahel McNelis)


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I find it best to keep a hankie around for any accidental nocturmal discharge.

guns dont hurt people, a$$hats hurt ....

Worst. Snooze alarm. Ever.

Good thing brain dead didn't shoot Little Elvis off.

Heh. I know a guy who accidentally shot half his pinkie off one morning. He's been known as either "Tex" or "Virginia Chris" ever since.

I bet the NRA won't be putting him on any posters.

"He was holding his weapon..."

Uh huh.

Boy, he almost was a poster boy for "You can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers..."

I haven't had a problem with accidentally discharging in my sleep since I was a teenager.

"This is my weapon; this is my gun.
This is for shooting, this is for - OW!"

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