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July 29, 2010


Drinkers Have Better Vocabularies

(Thanks to The Perts)


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And if you're smart enough to put cheese in your beer, then the sky's the limit!

Presumably, this refudiates the claim that drinking kill brain whatchamacallits.

I can see vodka from my house!

(darn you, Horace!)

This explains the number of different words for imbeerbria... uh, shlo... you know what I mean.

Another amaretto and amaretto barkeep...

That explains the thesaurus over the urinal.

I know lots of words.

*hair *hic* flip*

Salutations, colleague! If you would, kindly grasp my beverage and peruse my present endeavours.

This fits right in with Cliff's (from Cheers) theory that alcohol kills the weak brain cells, which is why you always feel smarter after a few beers.

This must be why the bartender makes me say antidisestablishmentarianism before he lets me drive home.

Are they suggesting that people who write for a living drink? I don't believe it.

nursecindy - try staring at a blank page for a while...oh yeah, you'll drink.

Even if you like to drink, if you’re circle of acquaintances tends not to...
next: the effect of drinking on punctuation!

"Alcholically increased vocabularies . . ." (where am I possibly going with this one . . .)

Um, . . . "lead to very suspicious constabularies."

"To avoid the inquest,
you should skip the Midwest . . ."

"And head south to Buenos Aries".

(Sorry folks. I'm on vacation.)

Did the count curse words? Cause that would splain everythang.

What would Shakespeare have to say about this, forsooth ?

Not much. He dead.

But the good news is, like Elvis, he's losing weight!

I refudiate this finding!

I always find I can speak German, Russian and Czech (probably a couple more) better when I'm drunk ... well, at least I think I am.

Of course, my English drops off.

Huh. I never realized that I talk when I'm passed out.

you betcher *&&()! and furthermore, I hope you ^$+& and &^$*, you little.....what was the question ossifer?

Dom vocabulary on a Colt 45 budget. Who needs college?

Meanie - who finally told you - Siouxie? Did she tell you about how well you do on Jeopardy when you're passed out?
"What ish Montpelier, Awwex?"

When I'm under the anfluence of incohol my vocabulary is better than thinkle peep it is.

One possible explanation could be the 20,000 synonyms for the word drunk.

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