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July 30, 2010


Tragically, this is not one of them:

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Horace LaBadie and The Perts)


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*insert obligatory crack joke here*

I preferred The Post's take.

I saw a young guy with his mom at the mall a few months ago with his pants like this. Everybody was staring and his mother was embarrassed. I heard him tell her to chill and then he leaned over to pick his napkin up before he sat down and his pants fell down. We all laughed and he pulled them up. I have a feeling he doesn't wear them that way anymore.

So...Jeff's on the left and Horace's on the right??

Nice butts, dudes.

I agree that this isn't a matter for law. We should totally let evolution take care of this.

Looks like underwear stuck in crack

yeah! first pants on the ground dude to get killed from tripping gets a darwin!

Our Motto:
Making pants obsolete one fashion statement at a time.

I'm sure pants retailers will have a thing to say, their livelihood is being threatened.

it's like wearing a mullet on your ass!

Why hasn't some fashion genius created pants with the upper section in a different, underwear-like, material that only give the illusion of riding sub-butt cheeks? It would still look fashionably ridiculous, but with no chance of their accidentally sliding off.

Having writ the above, I realize that a) somebody has probably already done this; 2) if they haven't, I just gave away a million-dollar idea; and c) if you're idiotic enough to wear these you deserve to have them fall off in public...

Big Gov's been giving it to us all so much recently, why even bother zipping up.

Well, as they say, the Law is an ass.

*Snork* mud.

I think they should get a Nobel for discovering anti-gravity.

Easy-Off Pants!

Good. Now I won't have to change my wardrobe for work.

Why don't girls start wearing their pants like that ? I wonder if laws would be changed due to male drivers plumetting into lakes, rivers, each other, etc.

Nice wallpaper undershorts brighten up everyone's day.

Wearing pants like that complicates locomotion. It's much easier to move around in just your underpants.

I talked to a former police officer once who said sometimes the bad guys wore their pants like this, and it made them a lot easier to cath because they tended to trip. So I think this fashon should be encouraged amoung criminals. Not sure how to do this exactly.


I once heard that the origin of this fashion trend came from prisons. Gangstas on the outside decided the look made them appear to be bad. A friend of mine who once had the opportunity to be a guest of the local county "hotel" told me that certain guys did, in fact, wear their pants like that in prison. They were advertising "easy access." If these punks knew that mebbe they wouldn't be so quick to wear them that way.


When I see these morons, I'm soo tempted to grab the boxer waistband and give 'em a big wedgie.......

back on geezer bus

As Whitney Houston once said: "Crack is wack."

Ants on the ground
Ants on the ground
Lookin’ like a fool at those
Ants on the ground

With the food in your mouth
Bag turned sideways
Ants hit the ground
Call yourself a cool cat?
Lookin’ like a fool, dat!
Sharin' your lunch with this
Ants on the ground!

Get it up, hey!
Don't step on them ants on the ground!
Walkin’ like a fool
Walkin’ talkin’ 'about those
Ants on the ground.

Pick it up, hey!
Put them ants on the ground
Lookin’ like a fool at those ants on the ground

(Repeat second verse)

Kristina: My friend is a cop. He said that they don't let you wear a belt in prison, for fear you may hang yourself.
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_7C0QGkiVo&feature=player_embedded) < Go Arlo!

This is also why rap singers don't wear shoelaces. Same reason.

*New girl says "hello"*
Saw someone like this trying to work on his broken-down car. I was stopped at a traffic light with my 16 year old who was laughing mercilessly out the window at this goof trying to keep his pants up while tinkering with the motor. I expect to never see my son doing this for fear of humiliation. Great lesson.

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