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July 23, 2010


...is on the way


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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She should also get an honorary Florida pilots license.

Perché c'è un panda nella nostra camera da letto?

Specie minacciate di estinzione può tranquillamente impostare ovunque essi vogliono, cara.

Isn't the raining of blood red cars from the sky one of the signs of the Autopocalypse?

*snork* at Lairbo and Punkin

Actually she had good aim as I'd bet she had need of the bathroom when she landed...for cleanup if nothing else.

Please tell me alcohol was involved.....or we'll never hear the end of the "women driver" comments.

And maybe this is just me, but I would SO find a way to leave that car there and make it a part of my bathroom decor.

Yeah, Punkin, it could be "Art Wrecko."

I'll bet there was "Pandamonium" at the time.

NMUA, what's Italian for "Hey paisano, hold my wine, I'ma gonna try something."

Wow! Nice landing. I betcha you can't do that again.

Speaking of pandamonium....

The driver would have gotten a higher score if she would have stuck the landing.


Oh and *el snorko* @ BFF!!

well she sure got her memorable holiday snap.

Evel Knievel would be so proud.

At least it crashed into the bathroom. If you were on the pot when this happened it wouldn't have been a total disaster iykwim. Maybe she is trying to get on HGTV's House Crashers. Also may I say the blog guys are being amazingly good about not making any 'woman driver' jokes. We're proud of you.

As God is my witness, I thought Pandas could fly...

No, but this is apparently a Kung Fu panda...


If this is what you meant by delivery, I think I'll stick with DiGiorno...

"Yes, dear. You're preeeeeeeety."

NC - it's kind of hard to turn this into a woman driver joke since she wasn't behind the wheel at the time.

C'mon, give her a break. You know how hard it is to find a parking space in Italy?

wingy, in Milan this WOULD be a parking spot. Milan is basically New York City with fewer Italians but more cigarette smoke.

(smashed into the roof of a nearby house wedging itself in the bathroom).

Instant cure to any irregularity.

There's probably something in both home and auto policies that excludes payment for that.

What Padraig said. And the exhaust fumes are almost as thick as the cigarette smoke.

Woulda scared the crap outta me!

I've always wanted a flying car. I was hoping to be better at the landing.

The Panda landa. Does that mean in English the car would be a Pand.

This reminds me of a line Dave Barry said about a case where a cannonball was shot into a bathroom.

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