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June 20, 2010


Highlights of the match include a nude haka, which the "Welsh" team responded to with some attempted Morris dancing, before brandishing and tossing leeks at the Nude Blacks.

Key Byline:
"Finbarr Bunting"

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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"Hey, I got your leek right here!"

Shoddy reporting... Video here. (NSFW, but I'm sure you knew that)

I think that vidoe is really the first USC football practice following imposition of NCAA sanctions.

When they all have the ball, how do you know who score.... um, never mind.

It's no big deal. it's winter in the southern hemisphere and Dunedin is f***ing cold.

Oh yes, and undeniable proof that rugby players don't have any padding.

*giggles* at the fully-clothed streaker

Exactly what I thought, Betsy.
A fully clothed streaker took to the field, before being taken down by a woman adorned in nothing but a police hat.
Isn't that backwards?

Some people seem to enjoy life more than we do in America.

Meanwhile, the All Whites tied i Azzuri.

They pixelated the real ball game.

Full body turf rash.

what language was that story written in?

could someone please translate the story so I could read it?

Mudstuffin, I agree. Just what DOES this sentence mean in English??

"The game even brought back the biff, with a mock punch-up bringing memories of Buck Shelford and Huw Richards' stoush in the 1987 Rugby World Cup's semi-final."

Tackles flying in from everywhere!

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