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June 23, 2010


Also: Whew.


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CUPDATE? Very nice!

I'll second that Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!


I'll third it. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Some good lessons in the video of the shot, block and follow up. It's nice to have US and UK advancing.

To me, it's a game where no one ever scores, the
players try to find new ways to kick the ball out of bounds, and the superfluous game clock is ignored by everyone involved. Wake me when it's over.


i just signed up to coach soccer again this year - (little kids, 10 -13) and this game reminded me how flippin nerve racking it is. prolly not good for my blood pressure at all. but for 60 minutes (we play for 60, not 90) you feel so alive

Bud beer, vuvus, freezing cold, 90 minutes of nil-nil "action," and it's crawling with foreigners....whoever does the marketing for this thing must be brilliant.

*Blows mud's wazoovula*

WHOOPS! What????

*SMACKS* annie's maniloozula....

*closes vutalicuzelas*....


Whew is right.

Mud forgot to close a tag...

Mud forgot to close a tag...



Huh? Did something happen?

Don't make me SMACK you, Hammie!!

*WAVES* vuvu!!

Soccer Football can be maddening, but who couldn't like the World Cup??

Go Yanks!

There's a reason they call it the beautiful game. Just an awesome match to watch.

OFF-TOPIC: Anyone else live in an area (i.e., Eastern Canada, Michigan, Ohio, etc.) where they felt this afternoon's 5.5-magnitude earthquake?

If a bunch of vuvuzealots did the stadium wave, would the doppler effect be in play, or would the score still be nil-nil?

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

You have a very nice vuvu...

I am German and I am SO hoping USA will make it into the... you know "Viertelfinale"! Just because USA ist funny. Those guys who're always throwing footballs or beating baseballs and... man, I'm kinda drunk, cuz German WON! WON!

The heck with the World Cup. How about those two guys at Wimbledon who have to continue their match tomorrow after playing the last two days?

What that win means:

Ghana next instead of Germany.

Ghana? We're playing Gha-freakin'-na?? Who's next after that, Swaziland?

I'm feeling very bold.

Would it be gay (NTTAWWT) if I said yes I felt the earth move in The REAL CITY (Toronto)?

I'm keeping my vuvu covered. You're welcome.


Yay, USA!


There will be an wild girly weekend important meeting of some of us blog ladies at the diverdowndoc household in Hotlanta. IF there are any of you in the area during the next few days.... HOLLER!! Alcohol will most definitely be involved as well as vuvuzelas in the jacuzzi

We shall try to have a good time.


I am hollering living vicariously through Cheryl's facebook photos.

What? Is there some kind of sport going on? Something about a cup?

Have fun, Sioux & crew. Maybe on your way up there you can try out for this. The producers of Jersey Shore are going South, in more ways than one.

Annie, I'll be posting pictures on FB as well. Punkin, Med, Cheryl, ddd and myself will have a total blast! We're even having a spa day!! wooooooooot!!

Awesome. Get a Brazilian for me.

(I meant one of these. Sheesh!)

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The blog spam has convinced me!!

Ghana knocked us out of the last World Cup, so hopefully we can take a measure of revenge.

The problem with facing Ghana is that they are impossible to hate. Have you ever met a Ghananian?

They are some of the happiest, sunniest, nicest, friendliest people on Earth.

A lot of West Africans are that way, actually.

Dave, you once wrote that when men of our generation are asked what they miss most about their youth the number one answer is CHERRY BOMBS.

You need to come to China! Fireworks are LEGAL. Not sparklers and fountains and ground bloom flowers – though, they are legal here, too, of course. No, what I am saying here is FIREWORKS are legal.

In the event that the US might beat Algeria to get to the finals my son and I (He is teaching English here and a Chinese college) went to one of the SEVERAL fireworks shops in the neighborhood near the college in Yongzhou, China, and bought fireworks.

If the event that the US had not advanced, we decided we would celebrate France NOT advancing.

The first time my son, Dane, shot off fireworks it was in honor of, hey-fireworks-are-legal-in-China-discovery-day. The Chinese seem to set fireworks off in honor of Tuesday.

A 50 centimeter coil of firecrackers that exploded for 10 minutes cost 30 RMB. That’s about $2.10. That was 6,000 firecrackers.

A 12-shot box of 30 millimeter (mm), air-burst mortar shots cost 5 RMB. That’s 80¢. Every burst sounded AND FELT like A CHERRY BOMB

A prepackaged, 20-shot box of 50 mm, chrysanthemum burst mortar shots cost 100 RMB. That’s $15. This box of prepackaged mortar rounds was about the same size and weight as a vacuum cleaner box, still containing the vacuum cleaner.

Prepackaged boxes of 100 mm, chrysanthemum or multiple burst, drooping shots costs 10 RMB per mortar tube. That's about $1.50 per shot. At 100 MM, each shell is just a bit bigger than A BASEBALL!

After we bought the mortar tubes – AFTER – the proprietor of the fireworks shop told us three times, “Hey, be careful. Those are dangerous.”

The taxi driver told him twice, “Hey, be careful. Those are dangerous.”

The guards at the gate of the college where he works told him, “Hey, be careful, those are dangerous,” as they smilingly watched us carry them just beyond the college gates for detonation. They had even bigger smiles on their faces as they walked out to join us as we set them off.

The big mortar tubes had the following English instructions, “Danger! Light and run away 50 meters. Fuze [sic] burns for 3 seconds.” This means, of course, that the fastest sprinters in the world cannot get to a safe distance after lighting the fuse.

The 30 mm air bursts shook windows. The 50 and 100 mm bursts shook windows and filled the ski above us with colors and sparkles. They weren’t red, white, and blue, only but they all said, “Hey, the USA is going to the finals – and France IS NOT.”

Last night we celebrated, “Hey, Italy’s NOT going to the finals!”

Tonight we will be celebrating, “Hey, it’s the weekend!”

Since I discovered that DANGEROUS FIREWORKS are legal in China I’ve been surprised not to see more Chinese men with eye patches and stumps. They were all probably killed outright.

lars nielsen

Alas, Denmark is not going to the finals :(

Now I'm sad that Cameroon is out of it, because they have by far the coolest uniforms I've seen -- green shirts, red shorts, and yellow socks, all blindingly bright. They look like a reggae choir.


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