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June 26, 2010


Team USA takes on Ghana today in Royal Bafokeng Stadium. And we hope our boys give them a Royal Bafokeng, as they say in the world of soccer after they have taken drugs.


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Go USA!!!

Bafokeng A man!

my friend in Newcastle upon Tyne won't return my emails now after Team USA took the Brits to a tie.

so, what the hell?


Go USA!! I don't think I can take much more action in sports though. Shaquille O'Neil is here in Charlotte racing with NASCAR. It took them 45 mins. to get him in the race car and almost an hour to get him out. Evidently race cars were not made for 7'1" basketball players. He says if he looses he will push a race car around the track once while he is wearing a pink bikini. Thank goodness no pictures of that will be allowed.


... and there will Bafokeng vuvuzelas everywhere...

I'll bet Shaq would have gotten out of that race car a lot quicker if I'd been standing there blowing a vuvuzela at him.





Any advice on how to commit hara kiri with a vuvuzela?

Go USA, please?

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