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June 21, 2010



(Thanks to Craig)


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Excellent. Vuvuzelas had to be invented by some Dark Lord somewhere.

" Welcome to Heaven; here's your harp. "

" Welcome to Hell; here's your accordion. "

Hasn't the World Cup been going on for a couple of months now?

I presume Sullivan's Island has already banned those.

If the Zulus had had vuvuzuelas at Rourke's Drift, the redcoats would have been toast.

I prefer the dissonant buzz of a thousand vuvuzelas to one minute of watching that overblown, medieval-nerd Lard of the Rings pap.

vuvuzelasses!!!! we hates them forever!!!!!

Did someone call me?

Right at this moment, there's a kid across the street with a vuvuzela, blasting away. I now know what the sound of property values decreasing is.

Nursecindy, take two of these and call in sick in the morning.

Perhaps a small marching contingent of vuvuzealots can be fit into the Lawn Rangers, Dave?

Vuvu cha-cha-cha, bonmot! Where is my cabana boy when I need him?

(and *snork* @ Lairbo, mostly 'cuz it's not me.)

Did anyone make any comments after bonmot's post?? Wow! Thanks.

Lairbo, it's been two hours since you posted that comment. Is the kid still alive?

I'll gladly take ONE of those, cindy ;P

If orcs had battle vuvuzelas at Helms Deep, Middle Earth would have been toast.

The kid with the vuvuzela's gone, but they left the cannoli.

Excellent. A good cannoli is worth a random kid anytime.

Lairbo - You're welcome. This one's on the house.

MtB: Fugettaboutit.

Annie, I'll stop watching Lord of the Rings if you blow my vuvuzela...

*SMACKS* Allen! you're gonna need a bigger vuvu.

Welcome, Annie.

May I second that *SMACK* Siouxie and add a *KICK*. Those are on the house for you Annie.

I love blowing vuvuzuelas while watching football matches. I am gonna enjoy every moment of this world cup.

These horns were very common at Alabama football games in the 1970s. They were outlawed in the stadium because the players could not hear the calls in the huddle. They are not new.

all this talk of blowing vuvuzuelas has made me horn-y...

sorry, but someone had to...

Here's why they're so popular
Key Marketing Point
It seems the first Vuvuzelas were produced and innovated in their current form by a South African man named Neil Van Schalkwyk in 2001. He holds the intellectual property of the name Vuvuzela and has now come up with a new way to sell more of his trumpets. He is including a pair of earplugs with every Vuvuzela bought. Therefore, that way people can plug their ears and blow the trumpet to their hearts' content without actually having to listen to it.

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