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June 18, 2010


Because of our strict policy, we are unable to bring you this World Cup update.

(Thanks to oneblankspace)

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Das Butt - Torpedo los!

I was watching the US team and today, and couldn't help but re-call the series of blogs Dave wrote from the English pub in Miami a couple of years back. It seemed the Brits got upset over some officiating calls by the referee. Dave got upset with them, and they all drank beer.
It must have been the same referee today.
At least we managed a tie.

You should have seen his Dad, "Big" Hans Butt. Now THERE was a guy who could cover the goal.

Yeah, we need those old columns, again. Is Judi currently fired?

Ha ha ha ha

I thought you weren't allowed to use Hans in soccer.

Butt is a back-up. Butt doesn't stink.

At least not mine.


Whence Slovenia pulled out their tie.

On Brazil not only do they have Kaka, but his teammate is Elano, which translates to "The Anus".

I was at the US v Slovenia game and the US wus robbed.

Mot, next time streak and wave!

CJ, he did. Why do you think they called a foul? Mot was showing off his vuvuzela.

CJ -- very jealous.

Those guys in the second picture should sign for Arsenal!

The footballers who supported the bans on playing for dummy 'multi-racial' teams during the apartheid era. The heroes of the African game who deployed their prowess on the dusty township football parks (you could hardly call them stadiums). Often accompanied by choirs of fans singing their hearts out, and not the obvious borrowed-from-Britain anthems and hymns (ironically, the mound occupied by the Liverpool choir at Anfield was an abbreviation of the Afrikaans word for hill — 'kopje') who mixed their adulation for the players with some rousing calls to arms in the struggle for freedom, most of which were not understood by the authorities, who rarely went to black football games during the apartheid era

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