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June 28, 2010


Come to think of it, it's probably not technically the World Cup. But it is futbol. We think. Maybe we should watch it again to make sure.

(Thanks to the s.b.'s very good friend, Susan Moss)

NOTE: We haven't used the "WARNING" category in a long time, but we dusted it off for this video.


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but you can't touch the ball(s),right?

we need a bigger vuvuzela...

Judi, you're the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last use of the Warning tag: October 2009 (before this one)

Last use of the videos tag: December 2008

Nekkid soccer.....now there's some futbol!

World Without-A-Cup Cup.

Oh, come on! Warn a fellow.

If it's got a warning and it's posted by Judi, you can be fairly certain nekkid men will be involved.

Where did the referee keep the yellow card?

Learn to read with Judi.

See Dick run.
Jane watches Dick run.
Run Dick, run.
Run Jane. Run after Dick.

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