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June 22, 2010


This Blog Is Not Surprised: A representative of the boat's operating company said the fight was "something about a shoe"

(Thanks to Dan)


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Boat full of women, shoes, alcohol....whaddya expect?

That party sounds like a blast!

What a heel.

I thought Minnesota got rid of Booty.


Shoddy journalism. No pictures of the shoe.


I bet two women (gasp!)wore the same exact shoes. Standard protocol is that one must leave...in a body bag.

Good one, nc! ("Shoddy" journalism)

cindy, was that you?

This kind of stuff would never happen if women were ... uh, never mind.

Markeisha Donyae May
Kayla Dawn Glover
Sara Jean Lawler
Michelle Jeanne Cosgrove
Miranda Estelle Cuffe
Brittany Sapphare Paige

Do all the women in the Twin Cities have three names?

You called, Hammie?

You called, Hammie??

*throws shoe @ bot*

The president must have told someone "whose ass to kick".

*Waves at Hammie!*

Annie, I LOVE those!!

trustf8 -- shoe fly or Choo fly?

bonmot knows about Jimmy Choo?

Sole sisters?

Jimmy Choo Whorseshoes.

Good shoes are worth fighting over.

Amen, Sistah Suz!

It behooves me to choose
Those jimmy choo shoes.
(Perhaps they'd be liked
If my drink was more spiked...)

rut roh

Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tf8 broke the blog!!

Yes, he did.



HE's a SHE

I've bought my current wife several pairs of Jimmy Choos. Blahniks, too.

I know what side my bread is buttered on.

Give me a new pair of tevas and I'm a happy woman.

Say what you want about guys, but give us booze and strippers and you don't have to worry about fights. The biggest problem will be getting us to go home.

Sounds like someone was really pumped.


Crap, that didn't work either, even though it did in preview. WTFBBQ?

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