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June 29, 2010




(Thanks to Siouxie)


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On the internet nobody Siouxie everybody knows you're a dog chess-piece-faced horse-headed blog-oddity.


To qualify for Washington, wouldn't he have to be the horse's patootie?

A Scot(ch) would probably do well in our nation's capitol.

Why the long face?

Maybe he's just auditioning for Equus.

Would the Scot like his picture taken?


I still like the office flasher better...

He'll have to go to Washington as a Republican, since he'll vote "Neigh!" on everything.

Maybe he's from Shetland.

I liked those crazy Norwegians.

You folks shouldn't be teasing Prince Charles like this.

Prince Charles? Oops. I thought it was his wife.

True Graz but I think that's Camilla.

*takes closer look* Ooops, my mistake.

You're right, cindy, that certainly does appear to be the Royal Mount.

Where did he get the horse mask from? That must be fairly unique...

He's so sparkly in that purple shirt. NTTAWWT

It's about the size and shape as Sarah Jessica Parker, too.

I found the Horse Head Mask! Its on http://www.baronbob.com/horseheadmask.htm
Its a small part of this hilarious website.

*snork* @ Mot

Looks like the offspring of Mr. Ed and Wilburrrrrrrr...

Maybe he's waiting for a ride to Anthrocon.

I hadn't realized that the union of Ichabod Crane and Seabiscuit Charles and Camilla had produced such serious issues. As it were ...

I wonder if anyone will act out the Virginia State Commonwealth Seal when they get to Richmond.

Link rated PG-13 for nudity and violence

Don't look at this story. When I did a website tried to access my computer but I got luck and my AntiVirus blocked it.

err... i mean lucky.

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