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June 20, 2010


Police Seize 70,000 Cheese Balls In Turin

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I know a little mold on cheese is common but I think I'll pass on the blue mozzarella, thanks.

Italians, complaining of blue balls, fall behind 1-0 to New Zealand.

Does it really need to be said that "Blue Cheese Balls" WBAGNFARB?
Perhaps not.

Cheese it - the cheese cops!

Seize the cheese!

Free the cheese!

No justice, no cheese!

Deutschland Mozzarellas!

Made in Germany? I camembert when the Italians made their own cheese.

Lol, MtB. Ich bin ein fontina.

Diversity of supply is important, SW. A single nation should never provolone.

What a Muensterosity.

Is it blue?
Is it blue?
Tell me please, is this cheese
Really blue?
Is it true?
That it's blue?
If it's real, then this meal's
Really through...

Someone called the police because their cheese turned blue? I would love to see my local police force deal with that problem. "Okay, everybody focus off the drug deals. Nursecindy's cheese has turned blue and we're not going to rest until we investigate this fully. Be careful out there and do not cut the cheese."

Apparently a Smurf fell into the production vat while being forced to labor at the hands of Gargamel.

This swill cast a shroud over Turin.

("paint it black")

i made my pizza pie
it's filled with tainted cheese
those wacky germans want to
bring us to our knees!

it's a color suited for
play-doh, walls or paint
leading to the question
"is it food?" (it ain't!)

i don't what dairy suff'ring
from some kind of fungal blight
no colors anymore, my mozzarella's white!

making cheese is easy; take
a buff'lo , milk, and time
just remember keep away from
cans marked 'toxic slime!

i chose not to order toppings
labeled 'cerulean goo"
i might get superpowers;
or a few days in the loo...

i won't eat it tainted, tainted blue
like the sky!
makes 'green eggs and ham' look
like a gourmet's delight!

*Snorks@Betsy and insom*

I had nothing to do with this.

My mama done tol' me, when I was a cheese man
My mama done tol' me, "Son, a German'll sell milk
That makes for the best curd, but when the sweet milk's all gone
A German's a two-face,
a worrisome thief whose
buffaloed beef goes blue overnight

Now complaints are called in, mozzarella's apallin', eewwwweeeee!
(My mama done tol' me)
Watch those profits fallin' as inspectors haul in, eewwweeeee!
(My mama done tol' me)
O' yuckety-yuck,
O' just what the f*ckBBQ'S
in the night?

From Berlin to Milan,
from Munich to Trento,
Wherever the four winds blow
I’ve worked with some Teutons
and I heard me some big cons,
so there is one thing I know
A German's a two-face,
a worrisome thief whose
Buffaloed beef goes blue overnight

My mama was right, there's blue from the Reich.....

Holds Bic lighter up in awe.....for Betsy, insom, and MtB

I'm always proud to open for Insom and Meanie.

P.S. Annie...as always, you went where I dared not go. You're fearless, girl:)

*snorks* at betsy and meanie!

*snorks* all around!!


70,000 cases of blue balls? Must've been a convention of 35,000 Tri Delts.

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