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June 22, 2010


A man has changed his name to Bagheera Anthony Dairy Lea Dunkable after being dared by a friend.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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His friend double dog dared him!

End of story.

Oh, and nice hairdo, dude.

Gee who cares if his friend dared him. Whoopie doooo....
God forbid if you are not part of the in group.

i got another name for you mate...

What if they told him to jump off a cliff?

Hey, Meanie - I dare you to sneak up and steal Siouxies' box o' wine!!

He has a point. But a good hat will cover it.

Why didn't Mr Cockroft change his name instead?

wait... you can change your name on line?

back in the day, in my neighborhood, the doubledog dare was to jump off the empire state bldg....

I doubledog dare him to start acting like he's got some sense.

did anyone notice the left side headline about the giant penis protest?
HUMPH!!!that was posted here weeks ago.

Dave IS soooo ahead of the in crowd in the world!!!

Wasn't a double dog, Punkin. Sorry.

*Grabs Punkin's Diet Coke*

It figures that he's a music major, LOL. I knew plenty of oddballs like that in college; they gave the rest of us a bad name.

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