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June 19, 2010


Man attempts to hold up gas station with caulk gun

(Thanks to Gregg Geil, Martini Shark and Jeff Meyerson)


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Appropriate for a "stick-up."

Tranny crack-boy is in my truck,
Tranny crack-boy is in my truck,
Tranny crack-boy is in my truck,
My mom's gonna kick my @ss.

His fate is sealed,Annie.

Boys and their caulks...always getting into trubble.

Did he pass a note saying "I have a gub"?

Tranny: What do you mean, weather-stripping? Of course I'm stripping.

This is why convenience store clerks are encouraged to keep a grout knife behind the counter.

I always keep a caulk gun by the bed in case of a break in.

If they outlaw caulking guns, only Norm Abrams will have caulking guns.

I saw his mug shot and arrest report on The Caulking Gun website.

I heard Obama will not outlaw these guns, but they will over-regulate the grout tubes.

Shooting Liquid Nails can be dangerous. In fact think the fumes got to him already.

He should try this in Eastern Kentucky where I grew up. Maybe the caulk would seal the holes in his body long enough for his girl(?)friend to get him to the ER.

So ... he's 17, lives with his mother, picks up "street people", does drugs ...


*SMACKS* O the U for Siouxie.

That is why the city motto is "Keep Austin Weird." Just sayin'

the stoners in Austin have often mistaken caulk guns for uzis...it's the hydro,dude...goooood shit.
I've been told...uh, yeah, that's the story i'm stickin' with...

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