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June 22, 2010


Right here.


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At least they cover up the monotonous drone of the Brit commentators.

I like the theory that the ref was using a makeup call from the 1950 match. It makes more sense than anything else I have seen.

What Punkin said goes here too.

This has to be one of the most spectacular exhibitions of Frenchness in the history of Frenchitude.

I strongly support the French team striking and will gladly support them if they continue to strike during their actual match.

Instead of striking, why don't they protest by taking the field and just running around for 90 minutes without scoring?

Oh, wait...

HEY! I sent that in like...yesterday! I'm sharing it on the Facebook ;P


The French aren't striking, they're surrendering.

That horn must be an awful noise.

Dave, what bar?

Of course all South Africans are hoping that the French penchant for surrendering in the face of the slightest threat manifests itself once more.

'If you bring your vuvuzela, we will Taser you...'

People will probably sneak them in, since they can now be hidden in their pants, thanks to Vuvuzelaflage.

The Vuvuzela Philharmonic have lodged a complaint that sporadic games of soccer are interrupting their performances.

Didn't any American soccer fans take any air horns to South Africa? Is there still time to ship some over? They're annoying, yes, but at close range they'll annoy the vuvuzela tooters more than the players on the field. Or tasers. That would be fun.

I'm with you, Lairbo. Vuvutasers!

If Dave can play the vuvuzela as well as he does the guitar, the next RBR gig will be, um, interesting...

Vuvuzelas at the next Andersen's Bookshop gathering (while dressed as Elvis, of course) might be an interesting addition to the event.

Has anyone considered changing the reeds in those vuvuzelas? They could be the next orchestra sensation.
Probably not.

Good article. C'mon, EAGLES!

Well I thought that article w--*BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* especially the last part!

France has officially surrendered. Mexico and Uruguay are through from Group A.

In case anyone is interested the vuvuzela plays one note. B flat. Please do not give the RBR's any ideas.

No cindy, that's not B flat, that's B VERY flat.

Sounds more like Bee flat.

Hah! I agree, Layzee.

Vuvuzelas at the next Andersen's Bookshop gathering (while dressed as Elvis, of course) might be an interesting addition to the event.

Ladies and gentlemen...Vuvuzelvis!

Leaving the USA v Slovenia game on Friday we ended up next to a whole bunch of Elvises (Elvii?). BTW they were all clutching stars & stripes emblazoned vuvuzelas.

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