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June 25, 2010


Marika De Florio is using bare breasts to win a feud with her neighbours.

(Thank to Baron vonKlyff, queensbee, Ralph and Chuck Cody)


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It's the Canadian way to get as much sun as we can in the summer months as we have so little in the winter time...

From the photo, I have to believe that Marika's open top would send anyone running into the house.

My parents had a similar problem with a neighbor's teenaged son some years ago, but we didn't have to do anything quite so drastic to solve the issue.

What actually happened is that a large oak tree in the front yard blew down, and while we were able to salvage most of it for firewood, there was quite a lot of brush that had to be disposed of. Which got dragged across the street into the large patch of wooded land the bratty neighbor kid liked to use (without permission, I might add) for ATV riding and other mischief...and somehow or other it all wound up in a big pile across his favorite (illicit) riding trail, about twenty feet into the treeline.

Which was a big suprise for the brat the next time he went zooming off into the woods. That very evening, in fact. Apparently the kid drove his ATV right into the pile. No injuries or damage resulted - other than to the brat's pride - but it was amusing to watch him pushing his ATV back out of the woods and picking leaves and branches out of the works.

The owner of that wooded lot was quite amused by the whole story, when he found out. As for the bratty neighbor kid, he was considerably more circumspect after that...

We had a massive dispute with a church about 100 yards from one of our houses. They "evangelized" by blaring church music over four large speakers on the roof.
I threatened to play the Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" over a boom box during their services if they didn't give us some peace.
They finally quit when a local police detective said they were disturbing the peace and driving him crazy at his house across the street.

Steve and Wes, I am now convinced that if baring your breasts would not have worked to resolve your disputes, you should have recruited someone to do it for you. At least that is my plan. Please. sign up for offending me in the line to the right. Breast barers line up to the left (or email application to blog).

"It isn't right to go around topless in front of kids."

Nor is it right or safe to have 5-year olds riding ATVs down the street.

In the Us of a, you have the right to bear arms; in Canada you have the right to bare breasts. Cheers to St. Gwen Jacobs.

U.S.ofA. No offense meant but should anyone feel so, please feel free to e-mail me your bare breasts unless you are a man, in which case you should excersize. (with a shirt on)

Tit for Tot

time to get the kid a drum kit with the vuvu option.

So it's a case of the right to bare harms?


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