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June 25, 2010


Drunk football fan beats police officer with vuvuzela

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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Typical drunk, brings a vuvuzela to a gunfight...

They should make him holster the weapon in the most appropriate site.


Why did it take so many to subdue this guy. Seems like one bullet to the rear end would have done the job quicker and without as much fuss. THEN you insert the vuvuzela. He deserves that much for inflicting serious head injuries to someone that was there for his own safety. I'm a little biased since my son is a cop.

I thinking publicly shoving the vuvuzela up his keyster would be appropriate.

Nobody mentioned the fact that France surrendered immediately prior?

Vuvuzelas, the South African plastic stadium horns introduced to the world at this year's World Cup tournament...

Absolute myth. I owned one of these things at age 10 in southern California in the 70s. Because I already knew the proper technique for blowing into a trumpet, I was quite adept at making noise with it.

Come to think, it disappeared rather mysteriously...

I also think this guy had no business trying to hurt the police.

Sideways where the sun don't shine...either end.

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