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June 25, 2010


Naked Man Found With Stolen Cheese At Library

(Thanks to Gregory Snow and Chuck Cody)


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He had a knife and razor, too. So did he cut the cheese?

"Police arrested a man Wednesday evening accused of being naked at the library with a bag full of stolen cheese."

Accused of being naked? I'm pretty sure they can confirm that pretty easily.

Pretty sure this has "homeless" written all over it. I'm sorry, but I can't find the humor.
I walked by a homeless camp in the woods not far from a supermarket where I sometimes buy food. No one was there at 3 p.m. I remember thinking I was glad I wasn't in the camp at 3 a.m.
But maybe the people who made the camp wish they weren't, either.

Sad to say this is the basic library experience in any urban library. At least he was in the men's bathroom.

Yep to all the above

Although I pretty much thought "naked while bathing" was the way to go

naked man found with stolen cheese at library...

it's just like my dream! oh no! it's happening again!

I kind of feel sorry for this guy.

I'm assuming he wasn't actually carrying the concealed weapon on his um person...

Yes, in my old age I have become an habitue of the Library. I occasionally encounter an unfortunate performing his ablutions in the facilities. I am mostly relieved, so to speak, that he is washing somewhere.
(How's that for at least two $10 words in a $2 comment? Did I get any points?)

A nakey version of "CLUE" could be fun...."Who did whom? Where? With what?"

Threesomes make it a bit complicated, though. Siouxie told me.

So much parm; so few meatballs.

That is taking bathroom reading just a bit too far.

I just lost a bet with myself that the word "fromunda" would have appeared within the first five posts.

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