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June 18, 2010


Can this be mere coincidence?


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Totally beneath you, Dave.

Wow...those are good mimosas.

Both of 'em look as if they wuz blasted by a marching band made up entirely of vuvuzelas ...

I bet a bunch of you boys were so stunned by the 2nd photo that you missed the silhouette of the risque chiquita in the upper left corner.

Mrs. Blog really needs to straighten someone out. Are the Mimosas for the World Cup or are we still celebrating someone's birthday?


One is vuvuzelable.
One is NOT.

I agree, tf8.

One is jacuzzable.
One is NOT.

One is macheteable.
One is NOT.

One is Drownable.
One is Go Downable.

Great. Now I'm gonna have nightmare of one/both singing "Mandy" and shooting my kneecap off.

Who are those guys?

just proves that everybody wants to emulate somebody

that's just Jack under the covers...
uh, undercover...chasing the arab bastards, i mean

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