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June 18, 2010


At 8:30 Wednesday night, a 53-year-old man sat in a chair, drinking the last beer in the house.

His girlfriend wanted it.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Can't blame him for drinking. Did you SEE that mug shot?? Yipes!

yeah, aint she a Q-T. ewww.

The mug shot and being able to tear a beer can in half seem to go so well together.

Breeden ripped the Natural Light can in half, spilling the lager on her boyfriend, his chair and the floor, a report states. The boyfriend stood up. Breeden slapped him in the face. Then she kicked him in the groin, authorities said.


I love that story.

Love hurts.

Why are Superbowl Bud commercials never like that ?

She was made out of butter and she still kicked his ass?!

If a woman can rip a beer can in half then give her the beer or she is going to hurt you.

anyone ever drink a natural light? it's amazing how someone can make water taste that bad...

Words to live by, cindy.

If a woman wants a Natty Light, you give it to her. Correction: change "woman' to "anyone". That stuff is swill, and we sell it.

You can take another chance with the gal
Who blackened your eye

Keep me in your sight
You can smile a sweet smile
As long as in my hand I've got
'Nother Natural Light

But don't forget who's wearing the pants
And whose arms I'm gonna break
If darlin' ain't saved the last can for me, mmmm

Breeden ripped the Natural Light can in half...
I thought they said he was drinking the last beer in the house.


I was amused to read that they lived on McKaig Lane. If they'd had a "kaig" in the house, they wouldn't have run out of beer so quickly.

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