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June 30, 2010


Woman accused of toilet lid attack

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I am shocked that this happened in Florida, shocked I tell you.

Angelic? Ironic...

She was looking for her keys? Aren't they a little further south?

Well, she only flung the lid, so the police still have something to go on.

Angelic: You never put the lid down, so now, I'm gonna put it down on your @$%@$% head!!!

Was it a lo-flo?

Was she high, guy?

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, her sister Diabla Odious is helping her cousin find his keys.

When toilet lids are outlawed only outlaws will have toilet lids.

Somebody's been watching True Romance one too many times, methinks...

woohoo! 2 for 2 with ambiguous headlines! Was the attack on, or with a toilet lid, and should women or lids be outlawed? Life is full of excitement when you have a simple mind ("Brick! Where did you get a hand grenade?!")

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