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June 20, 2010


An Indian family with 162 members could be one of the largest living together under one roof, according to a report Saturday in The Times of India.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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The Wild Things appear to be a team not affiliated with a MLB team. so they can P.O> a MLB affiliate w/o any fear of repercussions.

Yay! independance and free speech.

The minivan doesn't seem to be cutting it, either.

I'll bet nobody ever gets seconds at the supper table.

I can seem them vacationing at the Grand Canyon after a long van trip.
Husband with camera: "Back up. Back up. Back UP!"
Wives and noisy kids: "Aaiieeee!!"
Husband: "Ah! Much better."

Buncha Duggars.

Two words: birth control.

Actually Suzy Q one word would stop this. Vasectomy.

We're gonna need a bigger plunger!!

do they use toilet paper there?

nope..nuthin' here(checkin' fingers

*ducks out quickly*

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