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June 25, 2010


The South Dakota Supreme Court has ruled that a police officer acted correctly when he seized 15 cats from a woman who was driving with the animals running free inside her car.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan and Suzie Q. Wacvet))


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I'm glad to see the SD Supreme Court isn't afraid to tackle the tough issues.

I hope someone asks Elena Kagan about this case in her Supreme Court hearings!

"...because of the moggies in her back window"

Is "moggies" a Midwestern term for "cat"? Anyone?

Da hee ha ziff yigga blizz gyeah gyeah!

What made it worse was, at least three of the cats were texting at the time.

Braniff, quick Google suggests the term was originally British slang.

I can't imagine having cats sitting on your lap and shoulder and purring in your ear probably while she was driving. Maybe she found it comforting while she was driving. Who knows

How does one go about "seizing" 15 cats?

When it's time for the vet, I have all I can do to seize one.

this one has "mental illness" written all over it, i fail to see the humor... not!

I hear you Betsy. Our cat is due for a vet visit but we keep putting it off because no one wants to get her in the carrier. I call her "12 pounds of terror".

In Arizona the cats would have been deported.

asked why he stopped the car, the officer said he had 'probable claws'...

I have one cat and her favorite thing to do is to stand on the computer and block the screen while I'm looking something up or blogging. I'd hate to see what she would do if I were driving. Cats, unlike dogs, generally don't like to go for a ride in the car.

*snork* @ insom.

So now too much pussy's a crime? Yikes. I hope its a misdemeanor and not a feliney.

*snork* at insom!

Apparently the British inability to speak English has now infected South Dakota.

Finally the cops are getting the purrrvs off the streets.

mud - true cases of mental illness rarely have the wherewithal to take a case to the Supreme court, even in ND.

It's probably a case of "not much to do up here, might as well annoy the courts."

True - pogo - "SoDak Supreme Court - your tax quarter in action."

Annie - I don't know the case standards in SD, but usually a Supreme court can decline to even hear a case that doesn't contain a significant legal issue. And I don't think "probable cause in a reckless driving ticket" would qualify in most cases.

They musta been bored too.

Cats? Why did it have to be cats?

You're right - maybe they were feline bored.

Pogo.. you're wrong, I have seen Mentally Ill people take issues to the Supreme Court (of the State) You'd be amazed..

(Reminds self not to drive in SD with Sancho and Boots)

braniff, 'mog' is scottish for 'cat'. my mom was scottish; i had no idea sodak was a hotbed of the language, though.

One thing that can help in getting a cat in the cat carrier is to leave it out where it's easy to get to about a day or at least several hours before you need to put the kitty in the carrier. The cat will probably hide when you put the carrier out, but since you aren't trying to put the cat in right away, that's OK.

Well, you can't expect them to take the bus.

Wrap the cat in a towel, then pop him in the carrier like a burrito in a microwave.

    Happy Birthday, Meanie!

Did the cats taunt the cop?

The video version of the item above.

Dang! Where's Toonces when you need him, huh???

Happy Birthday, Meanie!!!!! The ladies and I will like to extend our best wishes and multiple spankings!

More than 2 cats qualifies as batty. Maybe they should look for the other 200 cats and 4 drifters buried in the backyard.

Thanks, Annie for sneaking that in under the wire, and thanks Ladies of Hotlanta.

It's off to the Joisey Shaww! (No - most definitely not THEM!)

Happy Bithday MTB!

Have fun at the shore!

- from someone with many good memories of Long Beach Island ;)

Happy Natalday Meanie. Please leave your birthday suit at home for the sake of civilization.

A dirty picture for Meanie's birthday. Happy Birthday! Don't say I never did anything for you.

They were probably going on a cheezburger run

LTTG - Happy birthday, Meanie!

Happy already-belated birthday Meanie! Enjoy the shore, eat all the seafood while you still can.

I'd join you, but I can't get the cats into the car.

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