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June 21, 2010


HUNTING tarantulas and then eating them has become the latest extreme tourist experience in Cambodia.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Eweeeee, eating a tarantula. Oh yum just add soy sauce and a garlic and butter sauce too to make it ever so scrumptious.

Those freaking little hairs get stuck between my teeth.

I hear.

Oh! Something shiney!

Coming soon to The Food Network...

Next on "Man vs FoodYouWillVomit"...



BFF!!! are you ready for the weekend????????? WOO HOOO!!! Hotlanta, here we come!!! ;P

First, that is disgusting! Tarantulas should be valued for their natural beauty and mouse-eating abilities.
Second, they aren't puppies. You don't just put two of them together and have grown animals a year later. I assume by "bred in fields" they mean "not stomped on automatically".
Finally, yeah, that guy in the picture is going to have issues with spider hair that near his mouth and nose, maybe eyes.
But, he got part of his picture in the paper! So it's all good.

I don't think Martha Stewart would call this a 'good thing'. Yuck.

Tastes like chick... *barfs*

ALso *barfs*

At least everyone gets a drumstick

Eating them apparently has medicinal properties:

Patient: I feel awful, Doc. My back hurts, I have a headache, my knee is swollen....

Doctor: Take two tarantulas and call me in the morning.

Patient: Suddenly, I don't feel so bad. Thanks anyway, Doc. What's the quickest way out of here?

Key place name not to make fun of : Sukon

The itsy bitsy spider went down his gullet fast
Down came the hair and guts and eyes at last
Up went the bile he barfed into the loo
And the rest of the spider got mooshed into his poo.

did you check out the slide show? i could do the seahorses, and maybe the duck tongue... but bull penis? or entrails and raw blood? ew.

No surprise that the photo shows a tuk tuk driver.
They always know the best places to eat.

I'm READY Siouxie!!!!!!!!

Look out 'lanta!!!

And y'all know that they used tarantula hair as the main ingredient in itching powder when we were kids.

I wanna know how much they paid the guy who shaved 'em!

Or the guy who sews up the arseholes of the stuffed toad Mariachi bands they sell as tourist souvenirs in bordertown Mexico.

Not that any sane Yanqui goes to bordertown Mexico these days.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly . . .

(Well SOMEONE had to say it!)

*Snork* @JG


They definitely need a new sommelier.


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