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June 24, 2010


Now the bastards are using seagulls.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Throwing rocks always works--be sure to leave no tern unstoned!

There's been a ratty looking seagull wandering around on and just off the patio for about three days. I had thought maybe he was injured and walked up from the beach but now I wonder if he's a scout.
He keeps looking in the patio door.

The seagulls are in cahoots with that dog that ran over its owner. The animals are taking over!

They obviously got their training from the blue jays in my neighborhood. I've begun carrying a tennis racquet.


Time for the Musical Miracle Worker.

We have a crazy mama robin that keeps fluttering up the side of our car. There are bird "foot"prints on the window and poop runs down the door. We can't get mad at her cause we think she sees her reflection and tries to shoo the other bird away from her nest in the nearby tree. The first baby robin just flew out of the nest today and is so cute. The other two are still sleeping...

Coconuts, I had a sparrow recently take up residence in my boston fern that I have hanging on my front porch. I knew there were babies in the nest but she and I had a pact that I wouldn't bother her and she wouldn't bother me. Last week I looked out and she, her mate, and 3 other birds were standing on the railing of the porch looking at me through the window. One by one they flew away and then I realized it was her and the babies. She never relieved herself anywhere on my porch so I was lucky. I kind of miss her.

Let's see, "...neither rain nor sleet nor snow..." Nope, nothing about neurotic seagulls.

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