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June 25, 2010


A nudist colony in Antarctica.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Severe shrinkage makes moobs?

So, is he hiding the South Pole behind that ba....uh, sphere?

He looks like something from one of those kids books where you put a body together from three different types of bodies.

If he has shrunk...oh, never mind.

Nice ball, dude.


We are having a blast here in Hotlanta! It is HOT. We are going to the Coke Museum and then to the Aquarium which is another touristy thing to do here. I'm waiting for the excursion to the Big Chicken though. Gotta see the Big Chicken.

Anyways...I did mention it is HOT, right???


I don't care how HOT it is, I do NOT wanna know if that guy is single. He's all yours, cindy ;P

He wisely added extra layers of "insulation" before attempting this feat. Smart.

I'll pass him on to Annie, thanks anyway.

That guy is definitely an "Antarctic Vision"

I think his balls got sucked up into his moobs.

That guy is about as naked as one human being can be by himself, if indeed he only counts as only one human being.

-one "only" of your choosing

Aurora A$$tralis?

Sorry, we're clothed for the winter.

No pole dancers?

Elusive South Pole snow whale.

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