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June 28, 2010


But also a GNFARB: The Terrorist Babies of Texas

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Oy! First to say that being raised in the US is more likely to make them citizens with a vested interest in keeping this country safe. That, or overweight.

All babies destroy your way of life, silly.


...and I assume the photo is an artist's rendering of what the adult terro-baby might look like?

Yeah, the *real* people undermining this country and it's ideals look like that.

"She was also ordered to pay Bayonet Point Oxygen $4,800 in restitution and banned from contacting the company or its employees."

So, does that mean she was fired, too?

Oops, wrong post.

Does this mean that he's OK with abortion in these cases?
Why do they let these people talk? Oh, yeah, he can't possibly get by on his looks. He has my hairline.

Babies on airplanes are already a threat to our way of life.

We don't even have to send him to Washington - he's there!

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot while your foot was in your mouth...

And these anchor babies, whether born to Al Qaeda mothers or not, can't possibly do a better job of "undermining" the country than the present occupants of Congress and the White House.

The anchor babies, at least, have a chance to grow up and become productive citizens. Neither the current President nor just about any Congressman you care to name - including the subject of this thread - can say as much.

I think he was saying these babies would be born here, so they're US citizens, and then be raised outside the US as islamic fundamentalist terrorists to be reinfiltrated later to do bad things in the USA.

The Soviets already tried it btw, but without much success.

So they are baby moles? I'm sure the Republicans will produce baby Jack Bauers to keep them from crawling into the White House.

... and their diapers are loaded!

Hey, everybody: Do you not recognize "propaganda"
(and by that I mean, as Groucho Marx was alleged to say, a gander's husband ie. a male goose)...when you see it?

We have much worse "plots: foist upon us already...
terrorists have succeeded in getting thier patsies
into Congress and the PentagramPentagon who
spread lies and fear..and vote against the people's
interests. THAT my friend is a SERIOUS threat...

UPDATE to earlier comment
I have been told that a gander's husband would be a
gay goose, NTTAWWT. The punctuation marks and my brain, such as it is, took a brief vacation.

So what is Texas goodoldboy's solution?

Ban all births? Outlaw all immigration?
Maybe we should ask Dr. Kevorkian (if we could) to intervene, and solve this Texan's problems, completely! Just saying....

Wow - even a Dave thread degenerates into wild-eyed political commentary at the drop of a Gohmert (or else just loses its sense of humor - no mean feat with a photo like that at the top).
Now, I don't think Mr. Gohmert should be mocked simply because he has a tiny face on the front of a large, bulbous head (quick - which cartoon character does he remind you of?), and he has served a vital purpose here - reminding us that simply being paranoid doesn't mean that everyone isn't out to get you. Credit where it's due.

Hey, deep cover agents exist. The FBI just busted ten Russians today.

So who's "paranoid" now?

One Question: How will the adult "terror babies" rebel??

Don't be paranoid, there are hundreds of American citizens who would like to wreck havoc on the USA. Many of them are Attorneys...

(Just a little payback, for an hour in Court today ,for a Judge to prescribe medication.)(It was a nice Judge,though)

Which rule of acquisition covers this?

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