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June 18, 2010


A groom arrested after being accused of getting drunk, losing his money and choking his bride was acquitted in a Windsor court yesterday. On Sept. 9, 2008, the a woman marched into a police station in her wedding gown, to complain about the man she had been married to for only hours.

(Thanks to Onterrible)


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"Till death by choking do you part..."

Life in the fast lane.

I think the counseling may take a bit longer than usual for this one.

Doesn't it make you feel warm inside to know that these two crazy kids have found each other?

That's what happens when you meet in the WWF chatroom.

As Mickey Rooney likes to say, always get married in the morning. That way, if it doesn't work out, you haven't ruined a whole day.

I hope they don't reproduce.

so who's the winner here?

When you've been married that long, are you obligated to return the gifts?

Do you, Ronnie "The Grip" Buckburner, take this woman, Sara "The Earful" McCase, by the throat as your (l)awful wedded wife, to have and to hold tightly, so long as you both shall survive?

"I do."
"You may now kick the bride."

"I now pronounce you Accused and Plaintiff."

Sooooo... How was the honeymoon?

"...because he could not be sure beyond a reasonable doubt what took place"

Marriage in a nutshell

To have and to hold, until death are you pardoned . . .

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