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June 25, 2010


In perhaps one of the most colorful and laughter-filled trials the Boulder County Court has ever seen, attorneys spent the day Tuesday arguing before a jury whether Carol "Chay" Burdick was wrongfully evicted for her Peeps and other Easter decorations.

(Thanks to em el)


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So when the journalist says that the plaintiff's legal fees could "top tens of thousands of dollars," what are we looking at? Elevens of thousands? Twelves?

Probably just as well "Law & Order" was canceled after the current season; otherwise this would surely have been next season's "Ripped from the headlines!!!" premiere...

...Unless they decided to go with the topless ATV protester instead.

"The move provoked smiles from Boulder County Judge David Archuleta and the jury."

"David Archuleta and The Jury" WBAGNFA teen pop band.

and peeps are low-fat, too. what is wrong with these people? would she have stopped paying her rent otherwise?

This was just on CNN. She and the peeps should have paid the rent.

I wonder if the Judge will put a gag order on the case:

"And not another peep out of you!"

Most apartment leases have occupancy limits; you are not allowed to have extra peeps living there. They should have gotten their own apartment and paid rent.

If you have ever owned rental property, you know this is not funny. Some people will do anything to get out of paying rent. However, they never run short on beer and smokes. Priorities, I guess.

peeps and Burdick...smoked on hickory...mmm

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