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June 29, 2010


...for this story.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Bravo and kudos to Horace!

Eigg Heritage Trust secretary Maggie Fyffe snork!

Eigg beat off competition from communities across the UK to win a share of a £1m prize in Nesta's Big Green Challenge.

I'm sure they scrambled to come up with ideas, ever alert for any spies trying to poach their ideas. But once they presented their plans, I'm sure the judges were won over easy.

Do you like green Eiggs and ham?

so they're green eiggs?

Eigg fry with my little eye something rotten in the sky.

Omelet this one just go right on by.

So Maggie Ffye is one of Eigg's oueficials?

I think they reported that Kevin Bacon vacations there.The headline was, "Bacon In Eiggs".

Eiggs' renewable power scheme is just about ova.

The headlines were even worse a few years back when they had a rash of poaching...

I never used to be able to make up such bad puns, but lately I'm much more a-shirred of myself.


They Heritage Trust have Eigg on their faces.

Nice, padraig.

Wasn't this called the Isle of White at oner time?

"In January, the islanders won £300,000 to spend on community projects which reduce CO2 emissions."

They eventually won, but they almost lost to a town from Russia. The judges had a difficult time deciding which came first - the Chechen or the Eigg.

- so the Chechen choked?

*snorks* @ everybody. And an oakleaf cluster to Annie.

*Applauds Annie!!!*
*Waves @ Annie!!!*

I would reuse NMUA's comment about Green Eiggs and Ham, but that would be poaching.

A pun is the lowest form of verbal humor, and therefore much beloved by intelligent people.

Y'all just crack me up!

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!!

*SNORK* @ Annie!!!

jegguzzi, anyone?

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

I'm eiggstracting myself from this discussion.

Please...no more yolks. This blog has a strict policy, remember.

*Ovation for blog's ovation.*

*Ovates w/ NotSherley*

Joining us, Men?? oh, (pause.....)

So the whole point of the story is that renewables aren't yet a viable replacement for fossil fuels - even a sparsely populated Scottish island in the middle of nowhere needs diesel generators for backup - and that anyone who tries to put all their electricity eggs in the renewables basket is bound to end up with Eigg on their face if they're lucky.

Or toast if they're not.


You meringue, tf8?

Well, not to be hard-boiled about it, but we should change the topic over, easy, to a new subject. Anytime would be nice, but if it could be done in three-minutes or so, it would be appreciated.

* wonders how often the Eiggs get laid *

Wow. I suggested three-minutes and it took twelve. Thankyouverymuch.

A whole dozen minutes, Hammie.

Parched Eigg on toast watch

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