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June 23, 2010


Wanna do some embalming fluid?

(Thanks to Rich Klinzman)


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That explains why I kept thinking there was a morgue near our Times Square hotel.

There was a morgue near the hotel, Mot.

She lives there.

I know Albany was f#&ked up. This explains a lot.

It's nice to know we send 'em off feeling pretty OK.

In a foreign country I was assigned to while in the Army the locals added that to the booze. Gave it an extra kick.

Also the hangover from hell the next day.

umm, no.

Sadly, they have bought into an urban myth. "Embalming fluid" is a slang name for PCP, and formaldehyde is not a psychoactive drug... you can dip your cigarettes in it all you want, all it's going to do is make them more toxic and carcinogenic.

So djtonyb --
So the Assembly bill is dead on arrival?

The penalty is a stiff fine.

If you want my embalming fluid you'll have to take it from my cold, dead body!

Better in a spliff than a stiff?

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