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June 22, 2010



(Thanks to Iowacookiemom)


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I am a wife, mother and now a "cameltoe" advocate!

Then why the panties, lady?

Sheesh. Learn to speak English, why don't you?

I think Dave's right, this has to be a joke.



Just snorked coffee all over the werk computer. Good thing it's my last day!

Excuse me...*adjusts crotch*...if only there were something to prevent foof wedgies...

I confess I could not constrain myself from clicking on the "Before & After" link. I need to atone.

So, if she is truly an Advocate...

My daughter reported a mother-daughter pair at a clothing store. The teen-ager was trying on thong type bathing suits. The mother asked through the changing room door about one suit.
"It's like a permanent wedgie!" came back.

...and Keep Your VuVuzelage Outta My Jaccuzzilage!!!

Where'd my post go? It was right there! I even clicked on the link to see if it worked.

Well, we'll try again.

Wine, women and thong!

$19.99 before tax and shipping for something to hide a front wedgie?? How 'bout looser pants?

Those testimonials are classic!

trustf8, loved the mild, medium and cougar styles.


'When they outlaw cameltoes...'

The InvisiBeav is gonna sue for copyright infringement.

OOH! I want to be the Camelflage Lady and go door to door selling them!

Get one to Miley Cyrus, STAT! Better still, send this to ALL Hollywood celebs. Yes, even the men.

Use with this and you are good to go . . .

No better way to illustrate the difference between men and women. Women invent things to try to hide this, guys look for ways to enhance it.

A joke?

This is not a joke.

A joke is s'posed to be funny.

This is not funny.

Merely sayin' ...

Not a joke, I came across it because someone I know is doing some business with the company. Legit and somewhat successful business, which makes it even scarier IMO

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