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June 25, 2010


There's a lot going on.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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*is perturbed*

**wonders what Chuck was Googling when he found THAT???***

If the person who wrote that didn't at least intend a laugh, his nerdism is a hairy black hole of nerdism.

Time and again I've told my sons they should stay away from rotating hairy black holes. Now I have some scientific proof to back it up.

I particularly like the one author's name.

Nontrivial is right!

*snork* @ insom, who beat me to it

I tried to read that. I really did but for some reason my brain turned into a black hole and wouldn't wrap itself around the words. Nice headline and I'm sure the guys on 'The Big Bang Theory' would completely understand it all. Especially Sheldon.

I heard this was right up Chuck's "alley", so to speak.

That reminds me - oh, wait, it's too soon for another coloscopy.

Question: Is the gravitational force a mass exerts constant? If you measure the gravitational force of say one kg of gold here on earth, then transport the same one kg half way toward the galactic core and once again half way between our galaxy and one of our neighbors. Will the force be the same?

Charming, strange and definitely queer.

mMatthew, I don't know and don't plan on trying your hypothesis. See! I know some big words.

Luckily for us, real black holes shave".

Sorry to all. It was a mistake posting here. So as you where, back to talking about colostomies.

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