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June 19, 2010



(Thanks to CoastRaven)


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"Madame Toukine, an African woman in her 50s, said she receives special deliveries of crocodile and other bushmeat each weekend at her green and yellow shop off the Rue des Poissonieres market. She wouldn't give her full name for fear of being arrested."
How nice of the writers not to give the cops any leads to her green and yellow shop.

Preserved Porcupine & Monkeypox opened for Aerosmith.

Bushmeat huh? is that was them fancy schmancy French restaurants are calling it these days??

Le yuck!

Heh. I been eatin' bushmeat for years and it ain't never made me ill. Quite the opposite, actually.


"bushmeat ... has a strong, gamey flavor."

And, in other news, water is wet!

Yup. We're stickin' with snails.

I'm afraid to click on the link.

Was this all found in Andrew Zimmern's backpack?

French version of Roadkill Cafe. What's the big deal? It all tastes like chicken.

I think Bush meat was all my Jr. High cafeteria served.

"Bushmeat"? Nah, too easy.

I have to admit that when I saw the headline, I was expecting info about a new adult video by Ms Hilton... I was mistaken

'thank heaven for little squirrels...'

Whaddya expect from the French? They eat horses...

I have to agree with Mr.C a few comments earlier...
is this a set up by the lady bolglits here?
bush meat?
too many machetes here for even me to touch that...
(with YOUR ten foot pole)

out of here while it's still semi-safe

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