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June 20, 2010


To the average person, holding a child over the jaws of a hungry crocodile does not seem like a smart idea.

Key Scientific Explanation: Legend has it a saint left his lice there 700 years ago, and they grew into crocodiles that make miracles come true.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Believe it or not, it isn't just moronic Pakistani Pilgrims (which WBAGNFARB or a cricket team) who do this.

Some years ago we saw a jackass man holding his young child over the crocodile enclosure at a zoo (possibly in London).

How 'bout someone holding Osama Bin Laden over 'em?

So that's what it means to cry crocodile tears.

I went to Belief.net, but couldn't find a box to check for "I believe a saint's lice turn into miracle-performing crocodiles."

And we call ourselves a pluralistic society...

I don't remember learning about this one in catechism.

"Like most Sufi Muslims, Sheedis worship to rhythmic beats to achieve a state of trance and become closer to God."

I used to do this 7 nights a week...

Maybe I shouldn't say this on Father's Day but there are few parents who haven't thought at times of tossing the kids to the crocs.

It's not just Pakistan. I spoke with Park Rangers in the Everglades who have to discourage parents from trying to photograph their kids with the alligators.

Unfortunately, gators are not as aggressive as crocs, so they would probably just bite a kid in annoyance, rather than swallow it and improve the human gene pool.

Ralph, you need a genetics lesson - the kid might have inherited some good genes. It's the parent who would improve the gene pool by being eaten.

Here's to chlorinating the gene pool.

Li'l whipper snappers.

Didn't Michael Jackson try something like this?


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