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June 23, 2010


Two car chases, a totaled police cruiser and an extended foot pursuit of a naked woman through sagebrush finally ended with a Taser being used to subdue her.

(Thanks to Michael Frixen)


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add Utah to my odd places list.

She was naked and hiding behind a bush? No trimmer?

Give me librium or give me meth.

I'm guessing their were heavy duty recreational drugs involved. Not that I'd know anything about that personally, of course.

Naked in Sagebrush WBAGNFA western starring Courtney Love and Madonna.

But wouldn't that have been painful?

Some folks have been waiting a long time to use the phrase "streaked into the woods" in their professional careers.

Why is it that "Cops" camerapeople are never around for these chases?

"Why is it that 'Cops' camerapeople are never around for these chases?"


Having lived in Utah for 10 years, I'm not surprised this happened in WVC. If it'd happened in Delta I'd be surprised.

The police had trouble grabbing her--apparently she had ben oil wrestling as well.

(Also, going over barbed wire NAKED?--Tough customer!)

I found a picture.

Not naked, but check out her eyes.

Was the foot apprehended?

Lol, Siouxie.

and *snork* @ librium or meth!

Is someone playing "Yakkety Sax"...

I see a tetanus shot in her future. I'd rather be tasered.

"She was arrested on suspicion of receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, fleeing causing property damage, hit-and-run, obstruction of justice and lewdness, police said."
Probably will plea-bargain to (naked as a) jay (bird) walking

Ya know, I'd almost rather have Madonna's sunglasses rather than tubby tummy...

Two strapping brave policemen managed to arrest a nekkid woman by tazering her. "No sex, no drugs, no wine no women, wait, there's one, get her!"Damn I feel so secure.

I'd do her...with YOUR ten foot taser!!!

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