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June 11, 2010


Chuck Grassley's Oil Spill Solution Includes Using Beer Ingredients To Clean Slick

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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" You can put those microscopic things on oil and they die, and all you've got is some methane gas left."

Can we try it on Sen. Grassley first?

If we all just went there on a Saturday night and belched in the same direction, things should be fine.

Beer ingredients dumped into the gulf? By God, I won't stand for it!

"those microscopic things"? Good to know he's got a handle on the complex science stuff...

Isn't that scientific enough Allen?

Anyone remember the Cuyahoga River? Because one of these will clear it up, but not in a good way.

Well, if I knew all the details of everything I propose, I'd probably never open my mouth.

They'd better hop to it.

Maybe all we need is a bunch of drunk guys to pee in the ocean.


Sen. Grassley is mostly methane gas already!

And this Iowa State grad wants ISU in the Big(11)Ten?

Oh brother.

So in addition to the cleanup costs of the existing mess, and a dramatic upcoming spike in gas prices thanks to Obama's six-month moratorium/shutdown of further drilling in the Gulf, we can now expect prices of beer to go through the roof as well so we can't even afford to drown our freakin' sorrows?! Because they'll be dumping the ingredients into the Gulf instead?!

Fortunately, I'm a whiskey drinker. Time to stock up on Jim Beam and Evan Williams...

"It might be that someone tried to explain this to him and used the yeast/beer thing as a metaphor and that's what he was able to remember."

All Chuck heard was "beer."

Too late to send him to Washington.

i'm sure he tested this experiment personally before he went public with this information....

jus' sayin'

If they did that it might cause Guam to tip over and sink, right? Maybe there needs to be an admission test to the congress and senate.

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