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June 21, 2010


An English woman has collected 32,000 used tea bags.

Key Quote: "They do smell a bit but I find it quite comforting."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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She loves her tea alright. I do too but not for saving the tea bag.

It mentions her kids but no (ex-)husband.

I wonder why?

Well, it's better than plotting your life with empty boxes of wine.

(Ahem, ahh, sorry Siouxie)

I love that she keeps them in big suitcases. Imagine if she grabbed the wrong one when traveling?

"Uh, could you open this bag, miss? And could you tell me why you're bringing used tea bags to Florida?"

she dips chocolate in?... eewww.

Friend of Palin?

Butt...the empty boxes-o-wine are so much more fun collecting!!


Each of us is odd in our own way.
She, however, is nuts.

can we say OCD?

queensbee, can we say crazy as a loon? I drink tea the same way with milk and a tsp. of sugar BUT it has never occurred to me to collect the bags. In fact the only thing I collect is ceramic or antique roosters and that is by accident. I once mentioned to one of my kids that I thought they were cute and now I get one for every holiday or birthday. My sil says I have more cocks than anyone else he knows. I'm not sure that's a compliment.

She looks like one of those people who is overly calm, then suddenly goes balistic for the tiniest reason. That may explain her not mentioning a hubby. If you're trying to hide the smell of a rotting corpse, tea-bags are a good way to do it.

I can relate to the unconditional affection for tea :).

Tea for 32,000 and 32,000 for tea
Me for a small city and a small city for me...

'They do smell a bit but I find it quite comforting'

That's what my granny said about men.

bwaaahhaa cindy. i think she needs a visit from those people who do interventions on Hoarders. i admit it. the only thing i collect is dust.

Send 'em to Parliament. Or Congress.

So cindy like little cocks...hmmmmmm
Siouxie I think it is perfectly natural to collect wine boxes.

My better half throws our used coffee grounds on every plant within 5 block radius. says it makes them grow better. Our stawberries have a hint of coffee flavor to them.

I think she's oversteeped just a little.

*snork* @ mtb.

I once came along a Trivial Pursuit question that read something like: "What, in 1972, amounted to 496,000 metric tons?"

The answer was: "All the tea in China."


That's gonna be one hellova tea party.

Her horde of teabags was a cry,
for attention she craved from her guy.
Her motley collection,
stank beyond redemption,
whether Assam, Oolong or Chai.

You know what I find comforting? Wine.

Black tea, green tea, keep the bags for Auntie P.

Funny, she doesn't look crazy. That's what they all say before the massacre.

She is such a teas!

i would however,grudingly,allow her to tea bag me...

of course i would send in a report...

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