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June 20, 2010



(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Mot the Hoople)


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Tomorrow the Marlins are holding Earplug Night.

Is NOTHING sacred?????????

"..buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks and earplugs..."

Well, that didn't work.

GMTA, Jeff.......scarey

Come on, this was a Marlins game. If everybody in the crowd had a vuvuzela - well, how much noise can five of these things make, anyway?

Fernando Vuvuzela - Dodger pitcher

Next Saturday: Bagpipe Night!

Here's a video of someone going into the stadium with their new horn. There's another video on Youtube but you can't really hear it. I guess not enough people showed up for it to make too much noise.

Could be worse. They could allow people to use 'em on planes.

Coming soon: Accordion Night.

I may go on bagpipe night. Let's see, 100 degree heat, steroid crazed players, a manager having a breakdown, intoxicated spectators, and 200 vuve,vulv,vuva horns all blowing one, long, buzzy, note. What could possibly go wrong?

What's that? I can't hear you over all these vuvuzelas!

BTW, Firefox spellcheck hates "vuvuzela"!


Wait til they find out they make excellent beer bongs.


Jeezely, Andy ... do NOT give 'em any ideas!!!

(Tho ... mebbe the "flight attendants" would respond quicker than they do to the little light ... hmmmmmmmmmmm ... this could be a GOOD thing!)

OF COURSE, this would be in Miami. No other sane city would even consider this wretched idea. Grr...

What is a "sane" city???

I don't think we have any "Leave it to Beaver" type towns left.... just alcohol and meth trafficking ones...

Oh, I dunno, EB ... mebbe sum of the smallest towns in Nodak ... population of less than 30 (too small for a bar) ... no kids ... more than one hour's drive frum anyplace more populated ...

Tennis-Vuvuzelas will not shatter the peace at Wimbledon

Tennis-Vuvuzelas will not shatter the peace at Wimbledon

But screeching and grunting from the ladies is permitted. Double standards I say.

The NY Post had a story about a fan who chose to leave rather than have his two Vs confiscated. The fan had a lot of experience being kicked out of Yankee Stadium, apparently.


it was truly annoying... and i was only watching it on TV! this is why i won't go on saturday night any more; the "crowd" is only interested in the giveaways, eating food, going to the bathroom 8 thousand times, making noise or shaking/banging/mooing with whatever handout they got, and waiting for the game to be over so they can watch fireworks and hear some bad band. we have had horrible experiences every time we go on saturday night; during Halladay's perfect game i had to move to a different section because the people sitting in front of me would NOT sit down (their friends were behind us) and we missed the only run... and then they screamed at me for another 15 minutes because i dared to tell them to sit down!!!!! how RUDE i was!!!!!!
it was a completely different experience on friday, when the crowd was smaller, but most of them were there to - yes, it's true - WATCH THE F&&&ING GAME. lots of people sitting around us had signs, noisemakers, babies, etc. and half of them were fans of the opposing team, but everyone was being polite to each other and trying to accommodate everyone WATCHING THE F&&&ING GAME.


Wonder if Lady GaGa knows how to blow ... a vuvuzela??

trust me Al... she does...

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