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June 28, 2010


Woman set office fire to go home early

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Dave, don't give Judi any ideas. Or matches.

She got 9 months of "time off" from work for her little stunt.

Heard moments before the fire...

"...and payroll told me to talk to Mr.Lumberg and I still haven't received my paycheck and he took my stapler ...."


This is why 'mental health days' are a good idea

"She was also ordered to pay Bayonet Point Oxygen $4,800 in restitution and banned from contacting the company or its employees."

So, does that mean she was fired, too?

Except for that whole fire thingy, she sounds like the person you want around. She know how to work the phones and the circuit breaker box so she's versatile.
Just give her the desk next to that guy you don't like, anyway.

Sounds like a very creative and dynamic individual with great problem-solving skills. An asset to any organization that is non-flammable.

Exactly, NotSherly. Are we sure her name isn't really Milton?

Michelle Perrino, 40, drew suspicion during a meeting of Bayonet Point Oxygen employees when she mentioned the May 12, 2009, fire had started in a filing cabinet before workers had been informed of the fire's origins


*snork* @ Horace.

Bayonet Point Oxygen? Like the flammable kind? Yikes!

I would try the same trick, but I work at home.

Did someone take her stapler?

So she set a fire in a place that sells oxygen tanks?

Has anyone ever told this woman that oxygen tanks go 'BOOM' when exposed to extreme heat or flames?

How did they come up with a name like "Bayonet Point Oxygen"?

And if it's just the oxygen company at Bayonet Point, How did they come up with a name like "Bayonet Point"?

How many of us haven't thought of this a million times? Thought bubble: "Just a tiny fire. Somewhere where no one will get hurt."

Yeah, filing is a b**ch. As is answering the phones and those lights that interfere with nap time. Model employee.

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