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June 26, 2010


Officers say he said the marijuana was his, and "Adolph Hitler made him grow it."

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I just hate it when Hitler tells people to do things they shouldn't do. Same goes for any singer on a record, God, the devil, or any other voice they hear in their head.

He must have run out of tinfoil. The tub was full of Mao gin and he was cooking Genghis Kahn meth in the kitchen.

Gosh darn kindegarden quality reporting!!!

So was he an "admirer" of Adolph's who felt Adolf wanted him to do this, or was he an anti-Communist who
felt this was the only way to combat Adolf?

The story, as presented, gives no clues.

Did you look at the photos with the "article"?

It doesn't look like any marijuana I've seen, not that I am an expert. What if the cops were wrong,
and he was growing something else? (Were tests run to verify the accuracy of the "identification" of the marijuana?

There is a valuable lesson in all this. Never listen to Adolf; his henchman Henry has all the
plans memorized, and that is where focus should be!

"I was only following orders."


"No, Filling, that's it, I was only filling orders."

Never listen to Hitler's advice. It's always bad.
He's like an eviler Ann Landers.

Hitler made someone invent the vuvuzela.

Mein Hempf.

SNORK! @ Meanie.

Good one, mtb!

Makes perfect sense to me—a retired teacher—4/20 (April 20) is high school marijuana smoking day, and 4/20 is Adolph Hitler’s birthday.

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